Questions re your symptoms with Sarc

Hello Everyone,

I just joined the group. I have not been diagnosed with Sarc but
will be seeing a different physician this week and will discuss this
new work, test, etc in abspharm canadian pharmacy. Have had long-term illness, and was diagnosed
with undetermined rheumatic illness about 7 years ago. I was
treated very successfully for about 6-7 years with Dr. Thomas
McPherson Brown’s low-dose antibiotic protocol — but always
periodically would have unusual big, isolated problems, but for the
most part was still feeling pretty well. It has been the last year
and a half that it has kicked into the ENS (neurological system
symptoms)and I am definitely going the wrong direction.

Am wondering if any of you have as symptoms: Dupuytren’s
Contracture, some type of lump in the arch of your foot or
elsewhere, and do you have neurological symptoms?

If none of the above, what are some of the symptoms that usually
accompany Sarc?

Thanks for your answers and your help,

Beth advises Kim

i used to be the kid who was teased all through my school years
because i was “the fat kid”. i sympathize…i don’t know how to
handle it though, other than transfer to another school (drastic, i
know!) all i know to do is to try and ignore them and don’t let them
get to you, which is virtually impossible, i know. just know this:
they may be pretty and popular, but their popularity will go away the
second they start college, and their looks won’t last forever
either. about the cutting: i think you should sit down with hope and
talk to her about it…don’t assume that she’ll turn you away. from
what you’ve said, she is a wonderful woman. you did not cause your
father to abandon you, that was his choice and his own doing. you
did not cause it. you are not a bad person for any reason, and don’t
go thinking differently. take it from me — if you can make it
through high school, you can make it through almost anything.


Kimberly and Beth about depression

Kimberly, also… you are going to have bad days. There will always
be jerks in the world. You don’t have to relapse. Even people without
depression have bad days. Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up.
Tomorrow is a new day and anything you want in the world is possible
if you believe in yourself!! It sounds trite but it is true!! Very
soon, you will be out of high school and never see those people
again. Next time you should laugh in their faces. It really is
pathetic for a bunch of “popular” high school kids to actually stop
at someone’s locker and be mean to them. They sound like a really sad
group of people!